Rhythm In Fusion Festival

Bringing the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas

Rhythm In Fusion Festival is the first annual tap festival to take place in the city of Dallas. The festival will host top international artists, choreographers, and industry professionals, bringing the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas thus giving the dance community a taste of the tap festival scene that has been exploding in popularity all over the world. 

The Countdown Has Begun to RIFF 2016!

Infusing the world with rhythm...one tap dancer at a time.

We are 2 months out from RIFF 2016 and I am so excited about this year's event.  It looks like we will have at least 10 states represented and registration is still going on!  The idea of our tap family growing, expanding, and supporting each other, inspires me.  I cannot wait until our first day together!

RIFF is truly my dream come true.  Bringing the best of tap dancing, literally to the feet of Dallas is so very important to me.  My hope is to put RIFF Dallas on the map as a sought after tap festival and performing art event that blends and fuses the concert world of tap dancing along with the commercial world.  Exposing dancers to both seems to me to be the best opportunity for tap dancers to take part in.  

AND...our concert!  I can't wait to let everyone know about the details.  I will be announcing our concert title very soon along with ticket details.  This show will blow you away!

Sweet Rhythms,

Malana Murphy

Founder/Executive Director

RIFF Rhythm In Fusion Festival