Rhythm In Fusion Festival

Bringing the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas

Rhythm In Fusion Festival is the first annual tap festival to take place in the city of Dallas. The festival will host top international artists, choreographers, and industry professionals, bringing the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas thus giving the dance community a taste of the tap festival scene that has been exploding in popularity all over the world. 

Descriptions of RIFF Events

Included in full trac registration...

Tap Jam

Informal jam session with some of the RIFF faculty. This is our RIFF welcoming and sharing experience.  Come join the fun!


This is our RIFF cutting contest. 

  • Hosted by 1 RIFF faculty member and judged by 3 others.
  • Rules will be stated by faculty at onset of RIFF CUT.
  • RIFF faculty decision is by their discretion and is FINAL.
  • Open to all full trac registered RIFF dancers.  Sign up sheet will be provided at front desk.

Music Theory

Music theory will be explored and broken down helping dancers to gain insight into the complexities and beauty that exists in making percussive music.  After all, we are musicians who move!

Tap History

Taught by someone who not only knows tap history, but who has also been a big part of American tap dancing...Lady Di!  This will walk dancers through the history of tap while also offering insight into how we have ended up where we are.  The history of tap dancing should be learned, lived, and honored and this intriguing exchange will educate and inspire!

Q & A with RIFF Faculty

This will be an amazing opportunity for RIFF dancers to ask questions directly of the faculty on everything from their past experiences, how they got started, their views on tap dancing today, and where they think tap dancing is going.  This is a totally open forum and an opportunity not to be missed!

Awards & Closing Ceremonies

This is a very informal gathering to thank those that have supported RIFF.  You will hear directly from the producer of RIFF, Malana Murphy, and she will present awards and scholarships that the faculty has been inspired to give.  Also, the RIFF residencies will present their pieces of work that they have worked on over the weekend.

Offered at an additional fee...

RIFF Workshop with Savion $225

This 2 day event kicks off our RIFF Dallas festival.  Classes will be January 10 & 11 at the studios of Next Step Dance in Frisco Texas.  *Must be registered in a full trac to participate.


RIFF Residency $150

This a four hour residency that is offered on a very limited basis.  Only 30 students will be accepted.  Students will perform at our very own RIFF Concert! *Must be registered in a full trac to participate.

Solo Showcase $95

(Early Bird rate of $75 until 11/1/2017)

This is the perfect opportunity for dancers to get feed back from some of the top industry professionals in the business today!  The uniqueness of this format is that you will get on the spot insights from a panel of RIFF faculty...and each faculty has proven to be very unique in their opinions! Held in an encouraging and sharing environment, this exchange has proven to be invaluable.

  • Participants can showcase a solo, duet, or trio.
  • Only one dance per participant.  For example, if a dancer enters a trio, they cannot do a solo and the opposite applies as well.
  • 2.5 minute time limit.
  • Music must be emailed to rhythminfusion@gmail.com
  • This is offered on a first come first served basis and will be very limited. 
  • A waiting list will be established if needed.
  • When registering for this event, you will be asked to provide:  Title of song, Name of dancer, Name of choreographer.

RIFF Concert

Our faculty concert will again be held at The Majestic Theater.  Concert tickets will go on sale in December and will have a range of ticket prices to choose from.  These prices will be published in December.