Rhythm In Fusion Festival

Bringing the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas

Rhythm In Fusion Festival is the first annual tap festival to take place in the city of Dallas. The festival will host top international artists, choreographers, and industry professionals, bringing the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas thus giving the dance community a taste of the tap festival scene that has been exploding in popularity all over the world. 

A Personal Note from the creator of RIFF…Malana Murphy

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Tap dancing is the one original dance art form in America that transcends dance…it is music in motion.  Tap dancers are passionate, creative musicians who view their art form as an experience to be shared, passed down to new generations, and enjoyed by a diverse audience.  Tap festivals are a rare opportunity for this exchange to take place.  I created RIFF to bring this experience that every other large city in America has benefited from through the years, to Dallas, Texas.

I encourage you to join me in this journey to celebrate tap dancing, expand the opportunities of local tap dancers, and to be an integral part of the history of moving tap dance forward in our community.


Our mission is to help put Dallas on the map as a global Arts & Culture icon by exposing the community to the best in dance education and performance.  RIFF desires to be a catalyst for collaboration between tap dance artists and other local North Texas performing and visual arts companies.  We hope to foster learning, inspiration, creativity, and innovation in DFW’s youth community, teacher and mentor community, and the public at large. 

What Is RIFF?

 RIFF stands for Rhythm In Fusion Festival! 

        DFW’s Rhythm In Fusion Festival hosts  world-renowned tap dance artists, a body percussionist, local rhythm dance artists, four days of classes and workshops, a tap jam, a cutting contest, and a Q&A, bringing the best of the best right to you doorstep. To top it off, RIFF is hosting performances by youth residency groups from the North Texas area and beyond, a solo showcase giving dancers the opportunity to show off their style and technical ability, and a faculty concert featuring RIFF’s world-class staff.  Performances and classes will take place in the Arts District in the heart of downtown Dallas and are open to festival participants and the general public.

       Can you guess my favorite tap step?!


Highlights from RIFF 2017

Highlights from RIFF 2016

Highlights from riff 2015

Did you know we have amazing staff and volunteers?!

Mary Ohman

Operations Manager

Shelly Santillan

Assistant to Operations Manager

Pamela Moayedi